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Computer Repair

Don’t let it stop your workflow, if you need your computer repaired do it now. Are you facing a broken screen on your favorite laptop? Did you spill some liquid on your computer and it won’t turn on? Is your office computer acting strange or not turning on at all? Have you broken your power jack and your laptop will not charge the battery anymore? Or maybe you got the blue screen of death and the computer keeps freezing? These and more are our daily basis computer repair services at Teczone, and much more.

Technical Support

IT support, for home and offices. And with our 24H or less diagnose service, you can feel better with knowing what is wrong with your computer and how it will be working again!

Computer Services

Whether you are looking for virus removal, data migration, screen replacement, or security camera installation, we are here for you. Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest quality of work and we make it our top priority to ensure top-notch customer service. Don't let any company tell you they have to send your computer out for further diagnosis! We provide same day response on all diagnostics. At that point, you decide whether or not you want to proceed with repairs. We really make it easy!